Adriana Citlali Ramírez

Born in Mexico, Adriana Citlali Ramírez is a physicist with a lifelong interest in art.  Photography, painting, and writing poetry are her artistic passions and ways of expression. Through photography, she is interested in creating images that inspire and provoke thought. Her photos reflect a personal interpretation of the world. They either share some of the essence of the places she visits, the emotions and physical baggage evoked by people she encounters, or let the light provide a new perspective of the world by interacting with it –with rapid movements frozen in a photo. Adriana resides in Trondheim, Norway.

All Images © Adriana Citlali Ramírez

Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor was born in an orphanage in West Germany and moved to the states at a young age. He started shooting sports photos for his high school paper and has continued shooting ever since. Bruce studied photography at Rice University and is now a senior supervisor for the International Show Car Association and staff photographer for their website ( He manages to travel to a foreign country every year where he always finds subjects for his love of street photography.

All Images © Bruce Taylor

Dana Yannone

Dana is an architect from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before moving to Bucharest with her family, she lived in Houston for six years where she began her passion for photography. Some recent exhibitions include Marea Hoinareala at the National Village Museum Dimitrie Gusti and Museul Taranului Roman in Bucharest, Romania. She was part of the Photo Romania International Festival at 500 de Povesti in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In addition, her work is also in the book, “Colours of Romania, Through The Lenses of Expat Women” in 2013. Her photographs have also appeared in Foto4All magazine also in 2013.

All Images © Dana Yannone

Deborah Duke

Deborah is the owner and operator of DDuke Photography.  She is a native Houstonian and grew up sharing an interest in photography with her father from an early age. As an adult, her interest has continued to grow and she has spent years nurturing her talent and developing her skills.  She has participated in numerous classes and workshops all over the world and has involved herself in the Houston photographic community.  Her photographic interests include travel photography and casual portraits as well as sports and action photography.

All Images © Deborah Duke

Dian Austin

A native Texan, Dian Austin currently resides in Houston, Texas.  Dian’s interest in photography was kindled by classes she took in college while pursuing a business-journalism degree at Baylor University.  A career in crude oil and refined products trading and supply took priority for 30+ years.  Now retired, she has the time to focus on her passion for street photography:  the more random, the better.

All images © Dian Austin